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Tiramisu Cake

AED 189


  • Flavour: Coffee & Cheese
  • Minimum Weight: 2 kg
  • Sponge: Savoiradi Vanilla
  • Topping/Frosting: Mascapone Cream Cheese
  • Servings: 8-10 people
  • Storage: Chiller

Ingredients Used:

Savoiradi Vanilla, vanilla cake base,cream cheese, powdered sugar, coffee, cocoa powder, white chocolate


Gluten, Egg, Dairy, Gelatine



Four rich double chocolate butter sponge layered with our 53 % dark chocolate fudge frosting and finished with gold dust. . The best kind of pick me up cake there ever was! Tiramisu cake is a magic blend of coffee seasoned mascarpone mousse cake prepared with Italian savoured crusts and sprinkled with cocoa brut. Each bite is sure to give you a relishing experience, making you crave for more.

Delivery Details:

  • Order cakes online and have them delivered at your doorstep, at your own desired time
  • Same day delivery is available
  • Online deliveries for cakes are available across Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Our customized cakes/pre-order cake’s deliveries are available across UAE
  • Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner

Care Instructions:

  • Must be stored in the chiller
  • Keep cakes away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat, as they may fade or melt.
  • Avoid keeping cake on top of any electronic items.
  • The cake should be consumed within 48 hours.
  • Enjoy your Cake!

Packaging material used:

Paper Box