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Dream Cake Bundle

AED 130

Short Description

  • Red Velvet: Creamy, velvety, and rich.
  • Belgian Chocolate: Decadence in every bite.
  • Greek Pistachio: Nutty and aromatic delight.
  • Biscoff Millionaire's Shortbread: Sweet, salty, and indulgent.


Gluten, Egg, Dairy, Nuts



Each dream cake is a perfect pairing of delectable flavors and textures. The Red Velvet Strawberry Cheese Dream Cake boasts Cream Cheese Chantilly mousse and camembert cheese sauce on a red velvet sponge with chocolate shards. Our Belgian Chocolate Chantilly Cream Cake combines Belgian chocolate chantilly cream, ruby chocolate mousse, and chocolate shards on a devil's food cake. The Greek Pistachio Halawa Dream Cake pairs cardamom chantilly cream with Pistachio Golosa granulate, and chocolate shards on a Victoria food cake. Lastly, the Biscoff Millionaire's Shortbread Dream Cake features sea-salted chantilly cream, salted caramel sauce, and chocolate shards on a devil's food cake.