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Chocolate Christmas House

AED 55


  • Chocolate Compound Dark
  • Fudge Icing
  • Candy Maltesers
  • Edible Gold
  • Chocolate Crispy
  • Christmas Cosmetics


Gluten, Egg, Dairy





A chocolate Christmas house is a delicious and visually stunning treat that combines the joy of a gingerbread house with the irresistible taste of chocolate. It is a festive confectionery creation that adds a delightful twist to the traditional gingerbread house. Instead of using gingerbread as the base material, the chocolate Christmas house uses chocolate as the primary ingredient. The house is typically made by melting chocolate and pouring it into molds or shaping it by hand to create the walls, roof, and other components of a house structure. The chocolate house is decorated with various edible embellishments, such as chocolate candies, chocolate icing, or even edible figurines stuffed with candies.