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Bloomsbury's x Famous Dave's Oak Smoked Turkey Whole

AED 485


  • Weight: 5-6 kg
  • Serves: with 6-8 people



A succulent centerpiece with a rich, smoky flavor that's a result of our culinary collaboration. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Effortlessly elevate your holiday feast with this gourmet ensemble, a unique fusion of Bloomsbury's and Famous Dave's.

Turkey Feast comes with Sides:-

  • Honey Roasted Butternut Squash: A sweet and savory blend with pecan and feta, perfected by Bloomsbury's and Famous Dave's.
  • Sweet Potato and Horseradish Mash: Velvety sweetness with a subtle kick, a joint creation for your indulgence.
  • Brussel Sprout Slaw: Crisp and refreshing, providing the perfect crunch, a collaboration of flavors.
  • Pepper Gravy: Savory and aromatic enhancement designed by Bloomsbury's and Famous Dave's, ensuring a memorable taste.
  • Cranberry Compote: Luscious balance of tart and sweet, crafted together for a harmonious experience.